Why I’m not a Huge Fan of Valentine’s Day

So, in the hopes of being randomly selected to win 15 WordPress credits in Engtech’s contest, I’m explaining why Valentine’s Day isn’t cool.

  • I don’t especially like the color pink, and there’s a lot of it in early February.
  • Cupid usually needs to get dressed, and I find naked flying babies with bows and arrows all over the place to be somewhat disturbing.
  • In high school we were told to write Valentine’s Day cards in Spanish to objects (such as the Sun, which I said was the light of my life).
  • The United States alone probably wastes about three gazillion trees on Valentine’s Day cards which are rarely recycled.

Lastly, I’m asexual, so as far as I’m concerned Valentine’s Day is completely pointless. I’m not even a romantic-asexual (who have romantic relationships but no sex drive), I’m a-asexual, so I have no sex drive, do not ever want to be involved in any kind of romantic relationship, and I don’t experience sexual attraction. An entire day focused on sexual relationships therefore doesn’t mean a whole lot to me.

According to Wikipedia though, it is also a traditional day to send donations to charity, so I guess every cloud has a silver lining.


4 Responses to “Why I’m not a Huge Fan of Valentine’s Day”

  1. Group Writing Project #1 Complete and the winner is… « //engtech Says:

    […] “Why I’m Not a Huge Fan of Valentine’s Day” by Agent KGB (Save this post at del.icio.us) […]

  2. Mary-jh Says:

    swot- wap

  3. мышкин Says:

    Грамотно написано, но мне кажется, что все-таки автор что-то не договаривает 🙂

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